Our 3D visualization allows for the creation of CGI content with full control over every aspect of the image right down to the reflections or textures of materials. Whether working with existing data or modelling items from scratch, the CGI team at OrangeLV benefit from the high-end VFX experience we apply to our post-production in films. With our ability to draw in other areas of expertise such as UI/UX, front & back-end web development we  are able to tailor  solutions, such as our VR  product visualization application for the outdoor recreational retailer Rawlings.


CGI modelling & animation
Immersive Media Production - AR / VR / XR
Sound  & Spacial Sound Design
Proof of Concept Applications
UI/UX Design
Application Development - Web / Mobile / Cloud
Visualisation Applications - Spatial & Architectural VR 
Customisation Applications - 3D Products
Asset Management - Media / Digital / Cloud