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Full Stack Mid to Senior Web Developer

We are looking for a full stack mid to senior level web developer to work on various challenging and exciting projects for our own products and long-term partnerships with clients. There will be a particular focus on 3D sport customizers.

You will primarily work with React & BabylonJS on front-end and NodeJS on back-end.

You will be building applications that meet complex business requirements, intuitive and visually pleasing UIs, interactive and dynamic visualizations using 3D, vector graphics and photos and other interactive experiences that rely heavily on visual content.

You will be collaborating with other talented generalists, like you, each with their own areas of expertise. You will be a part of small project teams, typically consisting of 2-3 developers. You will receive support from designers, artists, product and project managers.

You have experience working with most of our current stack and are comfortable picking up the rest as needed:

  • Modern TypeScript in strict mode

  • Frequent use of functional programming & immutability

  • React frontend (Redux, Reselect, typed PostCSS)

  • Node.js backend (NestJS, Koa)

  • BabylonJS renderer for GLTF models

  • PostgreSQL & storage buckets

  • Automated infrastructure (CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform)

You can play well with the team:

  • Eligible to work and live in EU

  • Comfortable with written and spoken English

  • Able to work independently

  • Automate where possible

  • Respect auto-enforced code style and formatting

  • Embrace Git with frequent commits, pull requests and code reviews

You will benefit from:

  • Opportunity to work for big clients around the globe

  • Being a part of a close-knit professional team that will help you grow and develop your skills further

  • Hardware and software flexibility

  • Access to latest AR/VR and photo/video gadgets to play and work with

  • Great options for work/life balance

  • Health insurance and competitive compensation package

If you are interested, please share how your skills match the role by submitting your CV and Cover letter to Please mention if you prefer full or part-time. We would love to see your relevant links for Github, StackOverflow, blog, portfolio, LinkedIn, etc. Apply and let's explore this together!

Please submit a cover letter and resume / CV for consideration with the specific job title in the subject line to

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